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Steps to Certification

Master's and Certification Program

become a teacher step 1 Fill out the information form. (You must have first completed your bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a 3.0 or higher GPA over the last 60 hours.)

become a teacher step 2 Apply to grad school.

become a teacher step 3 Begin your coursework with an online orientation course and your first two classes, EDUC 5351 (Foundations of American Education) and EDUC 5352 (Planning/Teaching/Learning Processes), as shown in the degree plan linked from the home page.

become a teacher step 4 Take and pass your TExES content test if you plan to student teach and/or intern.

become a teacher step 5

Complete your field experience as either of the following:

  • Student teacher
    Student teachers spend a 13-week period working full-time in the classroom alongside a certified teacher. Student teachers are unpaid.
  • Intern
    Interns work as full-time, paid teachers for two school semesters. The intern works alone with complete charge of the class but is assigned a certified teacher as a mentor.

become a teacher step 6 Take and pass the state's PPR exam (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities). The PPR is a requirement to become certified by the State of Texas. We will provide an online review and practice test. The classes you have taken have focused on the skills you will need to both pass the test and become a master teacher.

After completing the above steps, you will complete any remaining coursework and contact Certification Officer Rose Zuniga to apply for certification with the Texas Education Agency.

Questions? Contact or 361-825-2662